Storytelling Performances & Workshops

Limin Mo has been a professional storyteller for over thirty years. She has entranced and delighted students of all ages across Massachusetts as well as abroad with her captivating performances.

Limin shares her storytelling history:

"My mother was my first storyteller. She told me tales from The Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, Fa Mu Lan and more oral traditions from Asia. The voices of the ancients entered my psyche and their tales continue to inspire and excite me.

In 1982, I passed an audition before a panel of judges representing the Mass Cultural Council. In the two decades since, I have bought my storytelling programs to museums, schools, libraries and private functions across the state and the country.

For grade school audiences, I share stories from the oral tradition of Asia and tales from my childhood growing up in Hong Kong and Taipei during the 50s. For adult audiences, I offer a mixture of stories from my memoir, Spirit Bridges and adaptations of folk myths from Asia."

Praise for Limin's Workshops

"I cannot begin to tell you what a great impact you had on my young people. You are frequently alluded to or quoted lately... You have opened up new routes to "the East" in ways unimagined by me... And there is more to come. Li Min Mo has touched our lives, opened new avenues of learning, and taught us more than she can even realize"

-Bettie Hullen of Springfield Highschool of Science and Technology

"Li Min draws a magic circle-a mandala-with her stories, so that rare occurrence of being one with the story-teller, entering her land, seeing her visions, hearing her voices, happens."

-Charlotte Reinemann of Dover Sherborn Junior High School

For information about booking Limin for storytelling performances or workshops for children or adults, please contact her agent. 

Lucille Magliozzi
Golden Bough Productions
mobile: 617-547-5111




Listen to an excerpt from Limin's Chinese folktale The New Year Story about a mother who saves her child through bravery and the power of fire.