Greeting Winter

Li Min has just returned from an inspiring trip to several ancient villages in Northern China and four minority villages and cities in stunning, diverse Yunnan province in Southwest China.

She has gathered many new and fascinating tales from storytellers in the renowned Gengcun storytelling village which she will share in her upcoming workshops.

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Li Min Mo is a professional storyteller, award-winning educator and artist. She has been thrilling audiences with her storytelling concerts, and teaching art and Chinese culture with her unique contagious energy and enthusiasm for over 20 years. She offers children’s and adult workshops and dramatic shows, as well as educational seminars on teaching art and culture.

Li Min also works together with Chinese language education programs at schools throughout the U.S. to enrich the curriculum through cultural, arts and storytelling workshops.

Children’s Workshops

Seasonal Programs

Painted artworks created by children at Li Min Mo’s workshops

In this workshop, children will learn all about the Chinese Winter Festivals which include Winter Solstice and the Chinese New Year. We will study the significance of the winter holidays, special customs, the giving of red envelopes and other several-thousand-year-old traditions. Participants will learn to make beautiful festive Chinese paper decorations for the holiday.

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Check out Li Min Mo’s audio CD “Tales From the Land of Dragon.” Listen to audio samples and/or buy the CD here.

Ancient Storytelling in China

In October 2007, a group of American storytellers made a second trip to a 600-year-old traditional storytelling village, Geng Cun in Hebei province, China where they shared stories, songs, arts & crafts with friends they had met on their first visit in October 2002.

Click here for more on the trip to the storytelling village in October 2002. Photos and stories from the 2007 trip coming soon!