I love to paint with oils because the colors are brilliant and it allows you to work in layers.

Old Woman Series

I was writing a poem about painting old women at the time I began this series. Based on that poem I painted these imaginary portraits of old women with animals. Painting a naked old woman is almost like finding an old artifact.

Abstract Oils

My abstract oils usually are inspired by my dreams and my desire to express qualities of nature. Photographs usually represent reality but abstract nature painting offers spiritual depth.


Printmaking changes three dimensionality into one dimension yet within that limitation one finds depth. These are large oiled monoprints inspired by nature and working in my garden for five decades.


I was recently drawn to the challenging medium of encaustic art because it allows me to incorporate all kinds of objects into the artwork. I have used fabric, recycled onion bags, old magazine pages and more, which can all be sealed onto the canvas with the hot wax method.  


Inspired by Jackson Pollack's drip painting on glass accompanied by jazz music, I set up a large plexiglass panel in the middle of my garden and spontaneously created a painting based on Rumi's poem Bird Song.

To see more about my Ruminations project, see Performance Art.


I fell in love with working with clay as a child living in Taiwan. These works are unglazed ceramic sculptures.


I have many notebooks filled with drawings. I don't work methodically, I just go with the flow. We can't praise enough the power of a small piece of lead or charcoal, millions of people draw.