Audio Art

"I have been a storyteller and a writer for many decades. However, only recently, did I realize I could use my dramatic skills to bring new life and new meanings to my own written words. I began professional recordings of my poetry, essays and novel excerpts. My vocal expressions reveal the joy in my writing that I would like to share with my readers."

Chinese Folk Songs

I learned these songs from my mother. It is a collection of classical Chinese folk songs and pop songs from the 1930s-50s.

Some of the most intimate moments that I shared with my sisters and my mother was through singing. There's something about the power of song that uplifts me and heals me.

Original Poetry Reciting

The oldest poetry compiled by Confucius was called The Book of Songs. Some anthropologists believe that people started singing before they started talking.

These poems span the 1980s to the present. My subjects explore being a child and a woman.

tongue choked by river reeds

words have no rhythm when the fun of onomatopoeia
flips into translation that's when I stumble
over words as they choke me and river reeds break
the flow cuts off my tongue that used to make noise improv
as the wind says hua la la or the night tip toed in chou chou
or light flash in san guang, silly ways to tickle the tongue
into laughter where the river is wild and our mud body is

a puddle for a child to splash into a crazy no is yes and yes
is no yes the moon is my special love stone kisses me good night
in a shy way only a lover loves kisses feel a languid stream
carry my rice bucket body into dream river where mud is pure
and water empties the mind into oblivion into star dust into
chaos of onomatopoeia Milky Way